Five Fab Facts About Spring Lakes Farm


1.  SPRING LAKES FARM was originally awarded a homestead certificate in 1842 when development was achieved by means of wagon, mule teams and muscle.

2.    The refurbishment of the century old barn included re-cladding the sidewalls with western red cedar harvested from the back acreage and milled onsite from timber stands that supplied the original lumber when the barn walls were first raised.

3.    SPRING LAKES FARM participates annually in migratory bird counts. Our most notable visitors include: Trumpeter Swans, Sand Hill Cranes, Canadian Geese, Snow Geese, Red Tail Hawks, Bald Eagles and a variety of colorful waterfowl.

4.    In addition to our winged friends, there are also a variety of four-legged visitors at the farm. Roosevelt Elk make their way through the valley on their way to grazing grounds in the National Forest.

5.    SPRING LAKES FARM is located in Indian Valley adjacent to the Elwha River Valley, one of the most beautiful watersheds on the Olympic Peninsula.